Why do you need a personalized cancer survivor plan?

Long-term effects of cancer treatment can appear shortly after cancer treatment or arise years later.

Cancer survivors require multiple clinicians to manage complex care including:

  • On-going surveillance for disease recurrence
  • Management of long term treatment effects
  • Management of lifestyle options that decrease additional cancer disease risk.  
  • Streamline access to follow-up care
  • Reduction of medical errors and improve health outcomes

A majority of oncologists report discussing cancer survivor care recommendation. However, differences in patient and physician expectations, lack of clarity surrounding provider roles, and debates about follow-up care pose significant challenges to delivering quality cancer survivor care; often resulting in poor medical outcomes and medical error. Many primary care providers indicate they able to perform routine follow-up care but lack confidence in their knowledge about cancer recurrence and long-term treatment effects

Delivering evidence-based medicine is fundamental to cancer survivorship.



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